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David Bridie - Act of Free Choice

Written By Voice Of Baptist Papua on June 27, 2012 | 12:54 AM

Artist: David Bridie
Title: Act of Free Choice
Director: Mark Worth

The so-called 'Act of Free Choice' was a sham referendum held in 1969 to decide whether Indonesia should govern West Papua. The small sample of indigenous West Papuans selected to vote were threatened with physical atrocities if they voted against the Indonesians. Of course they all voted unanimously for Indonesia. To this day, on the basis of this farce (sanctioned, incidentally, by the UN), Indonesia holds West Papua under military rule.

This short film by the late Mark Worth (1958-2004) is a precursor to his outstanding documentary "Land of the Morning Star" and succinctly outlines the political history of West Papua to date.

"Act of Free Choice" is the title of David Bridie's debut solo album, and although the song "Act of Free Choice" was played live at David's shows it was omitted from the album for "textural" reasons (in other words, it didn't fit in with the other tracks). It later appeared on the 5-track "Act of Free Choice" EP.

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