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West Papua

Indonesian National Armed Forces ( TNI )

Written By Voice Of Baptist Papua on August 15, 2011 | 3:30 AM

This video does not show the entire main equipment weapon system of TNI ( Tentara Nasional Indonesia ), but I put a few Indonesian-made defense equipment such as SS2 series, NDL-40, ME-105, SUT Torpedo, PAL AFV, UAV-530, APS-3 Anoa, LPD, LHD, Casa Nusantara CN-235

PINDAD : http://www.pindad.com
PTDI : http://www.indonesian-aerospace.com/
PAL : http://www.pal.co.id/v5/index.php
LAPAN : http://www.lapan.go.id/

- TNI in brief (from official website)
- TNI AU Su 30MK2 air to air refuelling
- armada timur republik indonesia
- Indonesia Amphibious Assault
- Dirgahayu TNI AU


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